Spring Cleaning: Seniors Helping Seniors

Area high school seniors pitched in today to help another group of seniors.

Nine students from West Monona High School spent the morning at Center Heights Independent Living in Onawa.

They helped clean high and low, behind and under the residents' stoves and refrigerators.

It's all part of a new graduation requirement for the school's seniors, and a chance for them to give back.

"It's easy for us, we do it every day, so it's really not that big of a deal to us...but I'm sure it means a lot to them," said West Monona student Bridget Meadows

"I think they like it, too, because it's younger company, so new people to meet," added fellow senior Molly Richardson.

Today's spring cleaning was a chance to take care of those often-neglected corners of the apartments.

"It's wonderful because otherwise we'd have to do it ourselves, and we aren't young anymore, and so we need help, and these kids were fantastic," said Center Heights resident Darlene Hime.

'When we get older, we can't reach up high anymore, our children won't get on ladders, they're smart that way, and of course, low places are hard for us to get down and back up, so we really appreciate their coming," said Center Heights resident Lottie Pierce.

Each West Monona student is required to complete 12 hours of service during their senior year.