Sergeant Floyd Museum Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

Most boats spend their days in the water, but that's not so for one boat in Sioux City. The Sergeant Floyd Museum and Welcome Center has been a part of Siouxland since the early days of the George H.W. Bush administration, 25 years ago today.The boat opened back on May 15th, 1989 when it was converted to a welcome center and museum. In honor of today's anniversary, employees and a very special guest paid tribute to its history. "We opened on May 15th, 1989 as a Welcome Center and river museum, and we just wanted to highlight that again today and through the weekend," said Welcome Center Supervisor Kathy Meisner.Michael Koller was a special guest at the 25 year anniversary. He donated personal items to the new exhibit, and was a member of the bicentennial voyage nearly 40 years ago. "The trip started in St. Louis in June of 75 and went through December of 76. We went to 225 different cities and towns we had 515,000 people come through the boat and we put 21,000 miles on the inland waterways of the country," said Koller.Memories last a lifetime, and for Koller, this was a chance to reflect."Oh my...Yeah.. it is great. It's really a good feeling to come back and see everything and see how it is. I said something to somebody earlier that this is kind of like the final chapter of the voyage of the sergeant Floyd for me," Koller said.As that chapter comes to a close, a new one begins for anyone entering the Floyd for the first time.The anniversary celebration runs through this Sunday. The museum is offering free tours, prizes and refreshments to those stop by. Meisner says she hopes everyone will come out and visit the boat this weekend.