Sertoma Park Installs Trash Boom on Pond

Efforts to keep a city pond from pollution are starting to pay off. The City Public Works Department, in collaboration with Jebro, Incorporated, has placed a trash boom near the opening of the pond at Sertoma Park.The pond is downhill from the mall, and has a storm drain that runs into it, so there were a lot of issues with garbage spewing into the pond. Along with the boom, Jebro has also placed a sign at the pond to educate the public in helping prevent pollution. "This week as an Earth Day event we cleaned it out for the first time and got a full recycling container of plastic and 5 plastic bags of trash. I think that with the trash boom in place we can hopefully keep the trash from migrating across the pond and we hope to see improved water quality over the next few years," said Wastewater Pre-treatment Manager Desiree McCaslen. The boom has been in operation since early April.