Sioux Citians Enroll in Insurance Online Marketplace Despite Tech Glitches

Despite Tuesday's government shutdown, it was still the first day uninsured Americans were able to sign up for the new, national healthcare coverage called the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare.

Tuesday marked the first day the health reforms go into effect, allowing people who are uninsured to access insurance for what the act calls coverage for "essential benefits and pre-existing conditions.
Sioux Citians were among the many Americans to enroll for on the federal online marketplace and compare insurance plans, prices and coverage.
And with an estimated 300,000 uninsured Iowans, many may benefit from open enrollment. Even Washington's gridlock, Siouxland Community Health Center administrators said here in Sioux City open enrollment through the affordable care act has been constant with people looking for new medical coverage. The Center said they've been working nonstop with people and current patients to get coverage or upgrade to a new policy.
But the process to enrollment has been slow. "The website has been down just due to the overwhelming volume so we understand that people have been having issues logging on, creating passwords, and actually getting signed up today," said Adam Kuiken, financial services manager for the Siouxland Community Health Center. The Iowa website has since been back up and active Tuesday evening.
If you are uninsured and looking to enroll, you have until December 15th to make the deadline for policies effective in January 2014.
Should you miss that deadline, the start of your policy will be delayed by several weeks, but you still would have until March 31st to enroll. To find more information on available policies and how to enroll, you can visit OR