Sioux City Animal Control Seizes Exotic Pets

There's an unlikely, and illegal, new resident at Sioux City's animal control tonight.

It's a 10-inch long baby American alligator! The gator was seized from a Sioux City home, along with two snakes: a small ball python and a much larger boa constrictor.

All three are illegal in the city.

A reptile expert at Animal Control says there's just no way to care for a creature like an alligator once it grows up.

"Regardless of how cute and little they are now, there's a reason they're not allowed to be pets, because they do get very large and they do get very dangerous. And what are you gonna do with an American alligator when it's 6 feet long, or 4 feet long, for that matter. There's no aquarium large enough for these guys for the rest of their life. And it's not fair to keep an animal like this locked in a basement," said Sioux City Animal Control Officer Kenna Anderson.

So where will the gator and snakes go next?

Animal control is looking for a qualified zoo or animal rescue organization to take care of them. The previous owner could still face charges.