Sioux City Art Center and Public Museum Quilt Exhibition

(SIOUX CITY, IA) It's a "quilt show" like you've never seen.

The Sioux City Art Center and the Public Museum have new exhibitions featuring traditional and artistic quilts. The traditional quilts are what you would expect, ones that you can use to keep warm. But the artistic quilts are quite different.

They're referred to as deconstructed quilt blocks and are designed using established quilting techniques but with a little extra flare and personal touch.

"We have our 21 artists from across Europe as well as the states who are taking the quilt making techniques and ideas and just seeing what they can come up with. Some of them are making multi-piece quilts that are thoroughly un-functional in terms of keeping warm, some of them are focusing on traditional art ideas in terms of texture and color exploration and line and form. Others are getting into more personal statements," said Todd Behrens, Curator for Sioux City Art Center.

The exhibition kicks off at the Public museum first on Saturday November 23rd. You can visit the traditional quilts there during business hours and after that the Art center opens its doors to the non-traditional quilts from 5-7 PM.

The artistic quilts will be available to purchase through a silent auction.