Sioux City Breaks Down Temporary Levee

It was a huge concern for everyone in the area, making the job of Sioux City Public Works Director Jade Dundas extra challenging. "We've assessed the threat of the water elevation coming back up and felt like it was an appropriate time to start tearing down the levees. We didn't get to it before today because we wanted to make sure that the threat was sufficiently gone," said Dundas." After last week's hectic preparations for potential flooding from the Big Sioux River, now the city of Sioux City has a big task of breaking down these temporary levees. "The levee system in Riverside is an extensive permanent levee. We do also have an operations and control plan that says at certain levels we'll take different actions. Because the proposed threat was 109 feet of water elevation, the proposal said we need to take these precautions," said Dundas. The process of breaking down these levees started earlier today, meaning that folks in the area will soon have complete access back to their homes. "We're going to try to get people access to their properties by the end of this week. The actual tear down activities we hope to be completed with by the end of the week, but they may linger a little bit into next week," said Dundas. And with those levees broken down, people will be one step closer to normalcy.