Sioux City Construction Headaches On the Horizon

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Detour signs, orange cones and construction trucks line Wesley Parkway and I-29. Construction season is now here and that means changes are ahead.

It's been a slow start to this construction season.

Two weeks ago, the weather stopped workers from getting out and beginning this massive road project.

It's still a bit chilly but the Iowa DOT anticipates Mother Nature will behave in the coming weeks and things can really get moving. But major changes are already in place.

Bumper to bumper in a slow steady stream drivers heading from Nebraska into Iowa are moving, just barely.

"Be patient. We really need patience and bear with us as we work through the construction season. Cause there will be some back ups so we need to leave maybe a few minutes earlier," says Dean Herbst, Engineer for the Iowa DOT.

Drivers can no longer use the on-ramp to I-29 Southbound from Nebraska because it's closed but there's more.

"Work in the medians, some paving along there that needs to take place there's a little bit of work back toward the Vets Bridge that needs to be completed," says Herbst.

It's only just begun but the Iowa DOT says being a calm, defensive driver helps everyone in the long run.

"It doesn't do you any good to get angry it just makes your life uncomfortable so stay calm and it'll go away eventually. It'll be back to normal,"says Rebecca Conway, a Sioux City driver.

The good news is the Wesley parkway project should be completely finished by summer.

"Really? Oh that's good news! That's really good news," says Conway.

Another thing to watch out for - the speed limit. It's back down to 55 miles-per-hour north of Sergeant Bluff on I-29. And even though there are construction headaches on the horizon the Iowa DOT says the finished project will be worth the wait.

"It will be a lot safer, provide better capacity for what's through there. I think overall everyone will be happy once we get through the construction of it," says Herbst.

Now of course, new construction means new detours.

D-O-T says in order to go south on I-29 from Nebraska drivers will have to head north on I-29 to Riverside Boulevard cross over I-29 and get on to the southbound ramp. In all that's a 6 mile detour!

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