Sioux City Convention Center Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

A building that put Sioux City back on the map celebrated 25 years.

The Convention Center has made Sioux City a stopping point for conventions, trade shows and many other events that used to bypass the community, but it wasn't always that way.

"It was part of the genesis--of awareness that we need to reinvest in our community, in our buildings. As a result of this being here, it was the first place to meet since 1857 or whenever the City was founded," said Former Convention Center Executive Director, Dennis Gann.

Current Mayor Bob Scott was one of the council members who were skeptical of Gann's vision for the Center and the potential for benefits when it came up for a vote.

Now, he's changed his mind.

"25 years ago when we built this facility, we had vision of attracting some conventions and those sort of things that we were not getting and we've been able to do that; so it's good it's been here for 25 years and still serving the community," said Mayor Scott.

And in quarter of a century, the building has been the home to a diverse number of events from weddings to presidential debates and officials and staff can only hope for 25 more years of growth and opportunity.

"We got a renewed focus on conventions and conferences so we'll be looking to bring more of those visitors to our community to spend dollars here in Sioux City. We have lofty goals for the next 25 years and some more exciting plans as well," said Erika Newton, interim director of the Convention Center.

Officials hope to continue upgrading the building to compete with larger market convention centers.
Mayor Scott adds he's hopeful the city will be eventually come up with more money for future improvements to the convention center. OR