Sioux City Council Candidates Want Your Vote

Eight people have started their campaigns, asking you to elect them to the Sioux City council.
Last week, we introduced you to three of them.
And Tuesday, we spoke with three more to give voters more information and background on the candidates who are hoping to get your vote.

Tuesday, Keith Radig, Thomas Venesky and Pete Gretken all said they've got what it takes to lead Sioux City and earn your vote.
With two open spots and one incumbent running for re-election, the race for City Council is beginning to unfold. While the clubhouse for this race is packed, each candidate we spoke with said they bring something special to the table and stand out from the crowd. With 4 years of experience, Radig, the only incumbent, has spent his time on council often as the fiscally conservative voice, and if elected he plans to continue to play that role. "I've been honest with voters about where I stand and my stance has been to be a budget watchdog and keep property taxes down, and my record shows that I've done that and I will do that again over the next four years," said the incumbent. The next candidate, Thomas Venesky is no stranger to this race, having run twice before.
But this time, he hopes to use one asset he says the others don't have: being blind and an advocate for the unseen and unheard. "Let the people of Sioux City have their say. To listen to what the people of Sioux City have to say is important to me because you're not going to have a town and a happy town, if you don't listen to your constituents," said Venesky. Another candidate, Pete Groetken brings 4 decades of service with his leadership in the Sioux City Police department. Now retired, he say he wants to re-enter the arena of public service. "Now that we may be able to get people off of down-off the highways into downtown, I really think that if we can develop downtown more retail business get more people involved, I think it'll just make Sioux City that much more an attractive location for people to stop," said the former captain. Each candidate may propose different platforms come this fall, but their key similarity is the need for your vote.
Because there are eight candidates, there will be a primary election held October 8th.
The general election is November 5th.
Stay tuned to Siouxland News for the interviews with the remaining candidates, Jim France and Chris Baltushis.