Sioux City Couple Welcomes Set of Quintuplets

A Sioux City couple are the proud parents of not one, but five newborns.

Jose and Bianca Garcia unveiled their quintuplets to the world Monday at Methodist Women's Hospital in Omaha.

If you think your kids are expensive, imagine having five.

Sioux City's newest quintuplets are Marah, Christobal, Arleth, Jimena, and Rosalyn.

Jose and Bianca Garcia weren't always expecting to have five little miracles, but they're welcoming the newborns with open arms.

"Kinda excited and nervous at the same time, just glad they're here and that they're all doing good," said Mrs. Garcia.

But the pregnancy wasn't an easy one.

"Every other week, every other day, we had some sort of complication we had to overcome or a scare if you will, where she'd have contractions, and it was a question of is this gonna be the day," said Dr. Todd Lovgren, Mrs. Garcia's Physician.

The day did come on July 25th, and the "Garcia 5" arrived nearly 2 months early at around 2 lbs. each, and now they have some work ahead them.

The Garcia quintuplets will spend several weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where doctors will be able to monitor their growth.

When the Garcias come home, they'll be in good company.

In 2009, Sioux City's Kevin and Jodi McCormick gave birth to their own set of quintuplets.

They went through more than 20 diapers and 30 bottles a day, costing more than $10,000 per month.

Since then, costs have risen and the Garcias will also have to worry about clothing, baby food, childcare, toys, car and travel gear, and much more.

But for now, they're focusing on the present.

"Just staying positive, you know not worrying cause I know that's makes it worse so yeah, just kinda day by day," said the new mom.

All told, the grand total for the cost of care for five newborns is estimated at over $50,000, but the Garcias are just happy to have five new bundles of joy.

Both mom and dad are set to return home to Sioux City today. The quintuplets will stay at Methodist Women's Hospital in Omaha where doctors hope to nurse the preemies back to a healthy state and weight.