Sioux City Dedicates Southbridge Water Treatment Plant

The foundation for economic growth is finally finished in the Southbridge Industrial Park.

Sioux City leaders dedicated the park's new $27 million regional water system today.

Years of preparation and infrastructure improvement have made way to attract new businesses to the 400 acre park west of Interstate 29 near the airport.

The plant's ability to expand from 10 to 30 million gallons per day is an attraction organizers hope brings jobs to Siouxland.

"We have a lot of different prospects for this area; it's the right area for an industrial expansion, we're close to the airport, close to the interstate, we have rail, the river is close by," said Sioux City City Councilman John Fitch.

The City is currently seeking more money for rail extensions, and Sabre Communications has already announced an $18 million expansion into the Southbridge Industrial Park.