Sioux City Fifth Graders Check Out Science

Sioux City 5th grade students got some hands on experience in science, thanks to some help from area high schools.

"Science Day" is now in its third year in Sioux City. 5th graders get to go to their respective high schools and see their new labs in action.

Each science teacher plans a small curriculum and project for the kids to do, then they perform a demonstration showing off some neat science magic. High school students also volunteered their time to work with the 5th graders on their projects, all in an effort to encourage interest in science at a young age.

"Believe it or not the high school students like...they love this. So they really get excited to have the 5th grade students in. Some of them worked all day long so about four or five hours just doing experiments with the 5th graders. It's very important to get these kids excited about science. And we hope to keep them excited so when they move on in the future they go get really exciting science jobs," said East High Chemistry teacher Dave Vickery.

Projects ranged from making slime, all the way to doing dissections.