Sioux City GO Celebrates 3rd Annual 'Young Professionals Day'

A celebration took place this afternoon at the Stoney Creek Inn in Downtown Sioux City for the 3rd annual 'Young Professionals Day.'

Members of the Sioux City Growth Organization gathered to hear a panel of business people talk about how they started their businesses and their tips for navigating the industry.
They were told not to be afraid of failure, that failure often comes before reaping the benefits of profits and strong partnerships.
Those partnerships are ones the organization's leaders hope began Monday afternoon with mentors, panelists, and other leaders. "We help to foster those relationships so that the upcoming--the new group of young professionals can meet these people, these business leaders and we try to create those connections as often throughout the year as we can," said Sioux City GO President Mindy Mullen. Keynote speaker, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad echoed these words and also urged the gathering to pursue careers and business in Iowa. "We need to do all we can to encourage them about the opportunities that are here. And we need to eliminate some of the barriers, tax and regulatory barriers, that make it difficult," said the governor. Sioux City GO also handed out two "Ripple Awards." Both Christine Finnegan & Cannon Moss Brygger Architects won the awards for their example and success in local business.
The award traditionally honors people who've made a significant "ripple" in the community and helped move local business OR