Sioux City Hard Rock Hosts Dealer School

As we inch closer to the opening of Sioux City's new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino later this summer, the company isn't wasting time trying to find new employees. This week its been giving potential workers a taste of what it's like to be a dealer, with informational sessions open to anyone who's interested in learning about dealing. The main purpose of these sessions is to show people that dealing can be a fun job and it can make you the life of the party.You've seen the construction, and now you can get a sense of the working environment at Sioux City's newest entertainment destination. As the new Hard Rock Casino Hotel gets closer to opening later this summer, potential employees are eager to get a feel for the business. "This is the second day of a series of dealer information sessions that we're holding. We have a total of nine, we have had three to date, very well attended," said Director of Human Resources Pat Lund.These sessions are just the top of the iceberg; the real action starts later this month. "We're holding dealer schools for experienced and non-experienced people who are looking for an opportunity at the Hard Rock," said Director of Table Gaming Dan Welch.The school is a working tryout for employment, and gives people a chance to see if they'll actually like dealing. "The training is basically like a five week interview," said Welch. "We want to see not only what their skills are, but how they interact with everybody else; we're looking for the life of the party. So, we need to know they're a good fit for the team. At the end of that process, everyone will audition and jobs will be offered at that point."The Hard Rock is holding more info sessions Friday and Saturday. In order to actually get hired, applicants must complete dealer training school. Those classes begin May 27th.You have to take a class on a Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday. Dealers with experience are required to complete 20 hours of instruction, while new dealers will need closer to 50 hours.