Sioux City Hit and Run Victim Speaks Out

It's likely you've seen Tom Venesky walking along Glenn Ave. But he won't be doing any walking for a while. He and his family live in Sioux City and two nights ago Tom was the victim of an accident. "I walk everywhere--you guys have probably seen me all over town. I can't do that now for a long time," Venesky said.

He and his wife are both legally blind and the other night he was hit by a truck backing up out of the parking of Sarge's Convenience store along Glenn Avenue.

You might remember him for his City Council campaign in 2013--and he's been advocate for the transit system in Sioux City for years. He said that it's partially responsible for his injuries.

"I have been trying to make these changes for years. I keep telling them but we don't have the funding in Des Moines. We don't have the money to come up here because the federal government keeps pumping money into the rail system," said Venesky. Thanks to surveillance video taken by Sarge's, the Sioux City Police Department was able to catch the person responsible. He will likely be issued a traffic citation, but Venesky said that might not be enough. "It needs to be more than a traffic ticket. (Are you considering pressing charges?) Maybe. It's a possibility," he said. Venesky can't put any weight on his right leg for 6-to-8 weeks as a result of his injuries. And he had a very simple message for drivers in Siouxland. "Be careful, put your cell phone away, pay attention to what's around you and be mindful of pedestrians."