Sioux City Kids Cooking Up Healthy Lifestyles

It can be hard to get your kid to want to eat healthy foods, but one Sioux City summer camp was teaching kids how to cook up a plan for a healthy lifestyle.

It's a gym full of chef's in training at the "Farmer Nell's Outdoor Adventure" camp at the Midtown Family Community Center in Sioux City.

Kids getting a chance to make a meal for a panel of judges.

Learning healthy food doesn't always taste bad.

"They made dried fruit and they all ate it," said Janelle Myers, a youth worker. "They made beef jerky and they all ate it, even the ones that were like 'I don't like beef jerky, I don't like dried apples,' everyone single one of them have eaten all the fruits and all the vegetables and loved it."

A lot of the kids say the best part of the meal was making it.

"I had to cut up some stuff and put some stuff in the microwave," said Maya Harmelink.

"I had to chop up some carrots, slice a pepper, yeah peppers, and help tear lettuce," said Joshua Keegan.

Kids cooking up a plan for a healthy lifestyle.

There's still time to sign your kids up for some of the other camps this summer.

For more information you can call the Midtown Family Community Center at (712) 224 - 3363