' He was dead', Sioux City Man Looks Back to Original JFK Assassination AP Wire Copy

A Sioux Citian vividly remembers that day in 1963.
It may have been 50 years ago, but Larry Fuller is among the many people who still remember where they were and what they were doing before time froze, and Americans mourned the loss of their president.
He had recently returned home after serving in the Marines, where he was part of a unit that maintained the president's helicopter known as 'Marine One.'
Fuller took a job working alongside his dad, but didn't that day would mark a dark time in America's history.
"It talks about following him being shot and being taken to the hospital and nobody at that time knew whether or not he was dead or not and then later on it says that he was dead," said Fuller. Those were the headlines on the wire copies that Larry Fuller watched pour into the WNAX radio station in Sioux City, which was located in a corner of the old Bellas Hess department store where he and his father worked.
Half a century later, it still seems like a bad dream as he looks at AP wire copy he saved from that day and original pictures of the Kennedy's in Dallas just hours before the fatal moment. "We were shocked, you know, as anybody would be. I mean-- anytime it happens-- it's just unbelievable that it could happen," he said. Fuller still remembers seeing the images of that day revealed on all the televisions at a next door TV appliance shop.
And then just days later, the unbelievable happened again. "I was getting dressed to go to work and had the television on and that's when Oswald got shot and I think a lot of people said 'well, you know good, good riddance' and -but then I was talking to people and they said ' hey we'll never know what happened really with him dead," he recalled. It's a mystery still that even today's generation doesn't have the answer to and may never find out.
"He was a great man. You just wonder what would have happened if the shots would have missed and if just would have been wounded," he asked. Unfortunately, we will never know the answer to that and many other questions.
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