Sioux City Manhunt for Jamal Dean Continues: Day 2

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Sioux City Police are still frantically searching for the man they say tried to kill one of their own.

21-year-old Jamal Dean is accused of opening fire on Officer Kevin McCormick yesterday and then running.

It all began around 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon on Sioux City's Westside around the 1300 block of West Third street.

Jamal's family addressed members of the media today in a heartfelt plea at Cook Park for Jamal's safe return. They asked him to turn himself in so no one else gets hurt.

His father, mother and aunt were obviously upset over what's happened to their family and officer McCormick and his family.

"I want to first start off by apologizing to Mike McCormick and his family. I'm very sorry what happened, what went down. We're the ones that want to say we are very sorry to their family. I've known Mike for years so I want to just plead out to my son to turn himself in safely so nobody else will be hurt and nothing else will happen," says Lee Dean, Jamal's father. "If need be he can contact me or my sister. We can just meet him somewhere and then have the authorities meet him and take him in safely."

"Please turn yourself in. I don't know what to say," says Mary Hogan, Jamal's mother.

"My number is 712-252-2830. That's grandma's number. We love you Jamal. This can be fixed. And an officer didn't die. Turn yourself in Jamal. Turn yourself in son, do the right thing," says Barbara Dean, Jamal's Aunt.

Earlier today people in the neighborhood where the shooting happened told Siouxland News they don't think Jamal Dean is in this area. Even still cop cars are patrolling the streets.
All in all the neighborhood is calm and things seem to be getting back to normal. But Monday's events were far from ordinary and neighbors say it was very scary.

"I'm not real nervous now because I figure wherever he is he's gotten far away from where it happened," says Nancy Guy, who witnessed the shooting.

Just a couple hundred feet from Nancy Guy's front door is where police say 21-year-old Jamal Dean shot at Officer Kevin McCormick 8 times Monday afternoon.

McCormick had pulled over the car Jamal was in because the driver wasn't wearing her seatbelt.

"He could have tried to run into any of our houses and hide or hold us hostage or something you know. That was my thought. It was so scary," says Guy.

Police showed the patrol car Officer Kevin McCormick was driving. Bullet holes are visible in the windshield. When he heard shots fired, he laid down on the ground of the car, put it in reverse and got out of there as quick as possible.

Another witness says she saw Jamal Dean running away from the alley where Officer McCormick was shot.

"He went through the yard, cut through the school yard up over here, and then came out back through here and ran straight up the alley," says Rhea, a witness who witnessed the entire incident.

Sure enough, that's where police say they found the semi-automatic rifle used to shoot at the officer thrown into a trash bin. Sioux City's Police Chief says Kevin McCormick is okay.

"McCormick was transported to Mercy Medical with a wound above to the forehead above the right eye. The bullet was surgically removed and Officer McCormick will make a full recovery and I believe at this time he has been released from the hospital," says Doug Young, Sioux City's Chief of Police.

Chief Young also spoke directly to Jamal Dean just in case he's watching:

"Give yourself up. You will be caught, there's no doubt about that so just make it a little easier on everybody and put the community at ease," he says.

Police also told us officers took 2 women and 3 children away from the scene. They were in the same car as Jamal. The kids are now in protective custody.

Now police say if you see Dean do not approach him, he is still considered very dangerous.
Call 911 or crime stoppers at 712-258-TIPS.

We'll keep you updated on any new details as they become available.