Sioux City Resident Wins Gold Medal at Special Olympics

Earlier this month we met with Mitchell Betsworth and his father Troy before they went to New Jersey with Team Iowa as part of the national Special Olympics. Mitchell, a weightlifter, went on to win a gold medal at the games. We asked him if he enjoyed his time in New Jersey representing team Iowa. "Yes, I did!" said Mitchell Betsworth. He returned from the games with medals and pictures to remember the event. His father Troy said it was a great experience. "We were truly honored to have him out there and couldn't be more proud of him, but in the next breathe there were 35-hundred other athletes out there that we were just as proud of. We caught ourselves actually cheering for other kids we were competing against... very fortunate and very blessed," said Troy Betsworth On behalf of Siouxland News, we congratulate Mitchell and his family on this great accomplishment.