Sioux City School Board Votes on Hoover and Washington Elementary

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Sioux City School board members give the go-ahead for a new elementary school on the Hoover campus.

Clark, Lincoln and Crescent Park elementary schools will come together as one in a new building that will hold a total of 650 students.

Board member Doug Batcheller suggested the architect look into expanding the number of students to 800 and adding 6 classrooms but some members of the public don't like that idea.

"I think it would just send a real wrong message through the community to all of a sudden be flipping the thought process especially when your superintendent of schools is recommending something other than that," says John Gleeson, Sioux City resident.

"I think it's a total mistake if you increase it to 800 students. I think you need to resolve Bryant and hunt. kicking this can and using Hoover as your excuse to kick the can down the road for Bryant and hunt is irresponsible by the board," says Dan Greenwell, resident of Sioux City.

The vote to amend the original plan was not approved.

The school board voted in favor of plans to demolish and begin construction on a new Washington Elementary School. That project includes a new geothermal well and widening South Martha Street.