Sioux City Schools Launch "Career Pathways" Program

The Sioux City Community School District is trying to jump start its new program to help students find a career path.

The program is called Career Pathways. It's a unique way for students from all three high schools to gain hands on experience, college credit, and potentially a degree... all before leaving home.

With the schools making more focused class requirements, students are becoming more able to take advanced classes worth college credit and geared towards specific careers rather than general education.

With cooperation from area businesses and companies, students are then able to intern or job shadow to help decide if they like that career field.

"The courses we're offering it's more of an opportunity for students to explore where they want to go in the future. It's sure not locking them into anything in particular. But we like to explore before we get out into the work force. So we think that's our job... is to provide that opportunity for our students," said Director of Secondary Education Jim Vanderloo.

The program would also require a new campus... or one expanded from current assets.