Sioux City Soccer Foundation Has New "Goal" for Riverside Park

It's one of the fastest growing sports in the nation, and now there's a push to take the sport of soccer to a new level in Siouxland.Kids from ages 5 to 14 take part in programs sponsored by The Siouxland Soccer Foundation. The foundation wants to improve and expand the soccer fields at Riverside Park in order to attract more regional tournaments.Today the foundation pitched its plan to the city council, and announced it has raised $50,000 in private donations as requested by the city. "About a year ago the council challenged us to come up with some money to help pay for the renovation of the fields," said The Siouxland Soccer Foundation's Jason Glover. "We were happy to accept this challenge and today we were happy to present the council with our check for $50,000."The city has set aside about $900,000 to help with the project. This year a chunk of that money will be spent on improving the grading on up to eight fields at Riverside, along with new sprinklers, and sidewalk improvements. In the future the lighting will be improved and parking will be expanded as well.