Sioux City Special Needs Camp Open For Year Round Fun

After almost 10 years Camp High Hopes is open for business.

The camp will serve nearly 600 people with special needs of all ages all year long.

"It's kind of a pinch yourself day," said Ali Langseth, Executive Director of Camp High Hopes as the camp set to open up Thursday. "It's almost like a Disney World when they're here, because everything is set up for them to succeed."

Camp High Hopes is a year round camp for people of all ages with special needs.

And in case you're wondering it has everything from pets to a snoezelen room, a special place for children with autism to engage the senses.

"It is really unique to have a camp that has a snoezelen room available for them," said Langseth. "And they might come in here at least once a day for 20 minutes."

You'll find even more amenities on the outside.

"Whether you're standing or sitting you can shoot a bow and arrow," said Jonathan Mauk, Camp High Hopes Program Director.

Outside you'll find everything from the archery range, where everyone has a chance to hit a target, to the nine acre lake equipped for fun.

"We have our canoe down here with an adaptive seat in it," said Mauk. "So if an individual needs support in a wheelchair, they can find that additional support in the canoe as well."

It's a camp all about letting folks with special needs get the experience of a life time.

"We want them to have that boost in their self esteem so that when they go back home after maybe being here for a weekend or a week, that they go back home and are just feeling on top of the world. They feel like they can do anything," said Langseth. "We will absolutely make a difference in a lot of lives."

The first group should be out at Camp High Hopes the weekend of September 21st.

If you're interested in the different programs the camp has to offer, please call Camp High Hopes at (712) 224-2267.

You can also visit the camp's web site at: