Sioux City Students Return to Class

A lot of kids and parents in Siouxland have the first day of a new school year under their belt.

This afternoon parents lined up to pick-up their kids at the end of the day at Riverside Elementary. Most were excited to have the kids hitting the books and back in the classroom again.

For some first-time parents, the sound of the day's last bell was a sigh of relief.

"It's a little scary each year. I'm always worried that he's going to freak out when I leave but we did good this morning- no tears," said parent Dawnna Hollingshead

"The kids felt great I was in most of the classrooms reading today and had great smiles and happiness in fact many told me they we're very happy to be back in school. Saw some happy parents leave them off this morning too, I'm not quite sure why but they we're pretty happy too," said Riverside Elementary Principal Mary Motz.

Teachers and the rest of the staff at Riverside Elementary say they're ready for the new year and new students.