Sioux City Students Stand Up To Bullying

A wardrobe change helped middle school students stand up to bullying.

Kids organized "Be the Difference Week" at North and East Middle Schools.

Today, they took part in International Pink Shirt Day, recognizing Canadian students who stood up for a classmate who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school.

The week aims to build awareness for bullying, and inspire students to make a positive impact.

"It makes me feel good inside, like I'm changing the world in one little way...every little thing matters," said 8th grader Mary Pedite.

"I think it's actually changing out school, because people are noticing how we wear colors, and then we go around, and if we see something that we don't like, like bullying, we tell them, and they stop, and they recognize that bullying isn't good, and they stop," said 8th grader Tammy Nguyen

Students will wrap up the week by wearing school colors to show their unity against bullying on Friday.