Sioux City Suds Looking to Open Sioux City Brew Pub

It's a concept that's pretty popular in a lot of other communities, and before too long Sioux City may also be home to a brew pub.

Downtown Sioux City lacks a local brewery, but with a little help, a young entrepreneur hopes to change that.

"You know, we really want to focus on local pride. Have beers to kind of match that. My partner, my brewmaster has really done some interesting things with crab apples out of Grandview Park," said entrepreneur Geoff Arnold.

Arnold received a twenty-five hundred dollar check from the Sioux City Growth Organization to help get his business going.

"We're real fortunate in Sioux City, in fact we've got what I consider a new generation of Sioux Citians in the community and we need to embrace that," said Sioux City City Council member Dan Moore.

Arnold enters an industry that's strongly united here in Siouxland.

"There's a super strong local brewer's club here in Sioux City with a lot of guys making fantastic beers," he said.

The company's name is Sioux City Suds and the hope is to release beers for public tasting within the next few months.

An exact location for the brew pub has not been found, but Geoff Arnold hopes to have the business up and running within a year. He expects to have three or four craft beers brewed on site.