Sioux City Symphony Announces 2014-15 Concert Schedule

The Sioux City Symphony Orchestra announced its new schedule for the upcoming 2014 into 2015 season at the Orpheum Theatre downtown today. This will be its 99th year of performing for Siouxland. The season kicks off on September 27th featuring world renowned Violinist Jennifer Koh.Along with featuring several other great artists, one of the highlights of the season also includes a showing of the film The Wizard of Oz on its 75th anniversary. The movie will be shown without any of the original score, which will be performed live by the symphony under the big screen.Conductor Ryan Haskins guarantees there's going to be something that appeals to any music lover's tastes. "All that we need to do is get you through the front doors and we can guarantee that when you leave, you'll leave with something new," Haskins said. "You'll leave with something changed. And that's what the power of live performance is, and that's what we feel is so important to our symphony here. A symphony for our community."For a complete list of the upcoming season's events, you can head to