Sioux City With Zero Enrollment on

Local rollout of the federal online marketplace has seen just as many issues as other states around the country.

Siouxland News returned to the Siouxland Community Health Center to get some numbers and hear about their progress.
It's been more than a month since the rollout of

3 weeks ago when we last checked in with the Center, they were hopeful.

But what about now?
How has the enrollment process been?" "Rocky...still significant issues with accessing the site. In fact, our strategy has kind of changed somewhat over the last week or so that we are now helping our clients, and anyone for that matter, file paper applications with the federal government for the health insurance exchange," said Jim Wharton, director of marketing and fund development. The strategy changes still haven't changed the fact that not one Sioux citian in Iowa has successfully enrolled and chosen a plan through the federal online marketplace.
The recent statistics show little enrollment throughout all of the tri-state.
136 Iowans, 338 Nebraskans, and 58 South Dakotans are now insured through the marketplace.
For the thousands of others who want to avoid the penalty and get insured, the low enrollment numbers are no consolation to their concerns. "At certain time, you know, your patient starts to give out. There's still I think significant questions as to whether or not the site is going to be up before the end of November," said Wharton. Meanwhile, trained certified application counselors continue their outreach to explain the health care reform and assist applicants.
But for now, Siouxland will play the waiting game, as the clock ticks closer and closer to the December deadline for early enrollment.
Applicants have until December 15th to make the deadline for policies that go into effect in January.
The final deadline is set for March 31st. OR