Sioux City's Cargill Company Packing Nearly 20,000 Food Life Saving Meals

Employees at Cargill Animal Nutrition packed around nearly 20,000 life-saving meals in collaboration with Kids Against Hunger.

"Just that this is something that everybody can do. It's as simple as standing still and dumping some food into a bag, so this is something that can be done any age, any activity level of people. Just get people involved and help your community," said Jodi Holmes, Cargill employee. During a meeting at the company's Sioux City plant, employees put together meals to provide stable nutrition for families. Helping them move from starvation to self-sufficiency.

"These packets of food will go through Orphan Grain Train in Norfolk, Nebraska. We will then get them into food pantries in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa," said Kelly Yaksich, Kids Against Hunger. Cargill has an organization called Cargill Cares, which focuses on nutritional health. "We became involved with kids against hunger out in Omaha, about a year ago, which it inspired us to donate them $5,000 to come to a packing with us at our facility here in Sioux City," said Dustin Suess of Cargill Animal Nutrition. Being a part of this cause to reduce hunger brings joy to Cargill employee Mike Eggers. "I'm just really glad to see a lot of these meals are going to stay in the area," said Eggers. Last year, volunteers at Kids Against Hunger's food packaging centers across the country packaged forty million meals for children and families around the world. A number the group says just continues to grow. Maribeth Yaksich of Kids Against Hunger said, "There's people in our community that are hungry so it makes you feel amazing, amazing, it's good."