Sioux Valley Credit Union Celebrates IDA Program

Sioux Valley Community Credit Union celebrated today with the success of a new program they've implemented.

The Individual Development Account Program, or I-D-A, is a program through the Iowa Credit Union Foundation which helps individuals or families trying to reach goals to improve their quality of life.

Things like first-time vehicle or home purchases, home improvements, or small business start-ups are just some of the ways to take advantage of the program. Qualified individuals can have their funds matched dollar-for-dollar by private, federal, and state donors.

Alex Watters was the first successful account and will use his funds to improve his new home.

"It's really a great accomplishment to be able to reach this goal and to put it towards my house. I'm very excited and couldn't be happier that I could do it with the wonderful people here at Sioux Valley Credit Union and Iowa VOC Rehab," said Watters.

I-D-A savers must save for a minimum of six consecutive months and complete a financial education program to receive matched funds.