Siouxland Grape Crop Recovering Nicely From Drought

You usually think of corn and soybeans when it comes to the crops grown here in Siouxland, but grapes are making a small imprint as well.

And just like other crops, droughts or too much rain can have an impact them too.

If you're a fan of Iowa wines, do you have anything to worry about when it comes to this year's batch?

Barry Dittmer, owner of Tucker Hill Vineyards in Hinton, Iowa, says the grapes need about three more weeks before he thinks they'll be ready to pick.

These grapes escaped the wrath of Mother Nature last year, because they actually like the heat.

But the Drought of 2012 didn't leave these vines completely unscathed.

"I have one variety that seems to be struggling to recover from last year. It doesn't have near the foliage growth on it that it normally does," said Dittmer.

The ones that did survive are healthy, yielding plump green and purple grapes.

Dittmer says he's expecting a little less in terms of gallons this year, mostly in the one variety that's struggling, but he's excited to see what the cooler, longer winter will do to the flavor.

"It will definitely be different than last year. I'd never been through a drought season with grapes, I didn't know what to expect... so this is kind of, although we're not wet, this is kind of a different growing season, so hopefully the flavors will be a little bolder, little more intense," he said.

Only time will tell.