Siouxland Tattoo Artist Sculpts Pumpkins Into Freaky Faces

(SIOUX CITY, IA) It's pumpkin carving season. The time when you can get creative and carve just about anything you'd like if you have the skills but one tattoo artist goes the extra mile.

Luke Schroder spends hours almost every day during fall - chiseling away, a mad scientist if you will perfecting the freaky faces that eventually morph these seemingly normal pumpkins into works of art.

"Someone will walk by and say you must be good at portraits. I'll do a portrait for ya, let's do it," said Luke Schroder, a tattoo artist by day - pumpkin sculptor by night and day too...

If you resemble Dr. Satan - it'll be no problem.

"It's tough to take requests like, hey carve me! Yea I don't know. Or Cartoon characters, some of them work; I could put Homer Simpson on one of these," he said.

The dimensions can only be so prominent depending on the thickness of the pumpkin. Luke typically sculpts pumpkins but sometimes he'll carve into gourds. They last longer but are a lot harder to carve.

It's taken Luke four years to get where he's at today. He started out sculpting at grocery stores in front of an audience for practice now he takes requests from a steady group of customers charging between $30 and $40 for his masterpieces.

"You start with big shapes, block it in, then you'll have your general form. Then you work with smaller loops and smaller tools getting wrinkles like this, starting to add details," said Schroder.

He started out using homemade tools with cardboard handles then gradually worked up to professional tools.

"But I still like my handmade ones, they're pretty good," he said.

And the finished product - we shall call him Skelly Squash.

"On the way out of this season I'm going to shed a tear for those last few that I just rock on," said Schroder.

If you like Skelly Squash enough to put him on your front door step we're giving him away tonight at the end of Siouxland news at 10. Head to our Siouxland News Facebook Page, we want to know what kind of design will you be carving into your pumpkin this year?

We'll pick a winner at random and they can pick it up Wednesday morning at the station in Dakota Dunes.