Siouxland Welcomes the New Year at the "Y" for Day of Play

Siouxland rang in the year this morning with a fun "Day of Play" and Siouxland News was there to take in all the excitement.

People throughout Siouxland took part in the Norman Waitt YMCA's free annual event to use the facilities with family and friends for a day of active fun and for many people this was the first step becoming healthier in 2014.
With the start of a new year, new goals were set across the region.

That's why the YMCA invited people to start 2014 with some interactive fun and fitness.

"Besides the wellness center, we have our two court basketball gymnasium. We have two swimming pools, including a family fun pool with a water slide and a castle and all that. And then the child-watch and youth center, there's games and New Year's activities going on in there. There's always just crazy opportunities to get involved and do some stuff here," said Chris DeRoin, marketing coordinator at the local Y. Nearly half of New Year's resolutions have to do with weight loss, health improvements of overall fitness, but health experts say being the best you should be your greatest motivation. To help with that, the Y offers wellness classes, dance workouts, fitness trainers and recreational fun at the indoor pools. "I think with any fitness, whether you're taking classes or running or walking whatever you choose to do, the main thing is to find something you love to do. Exercise is not something that you do because you have to, it's a lifestyle- it's a habit that people have," said Group Groove Fitness Instructor Stacy McNear. And that's what the Blue Zones Project hopes Sioux Citians develop: healthy habits, which will engage people and everyone around them to succeed. " It's just reassessing what you're currently doing. Are you making those choices- the best choices for you? Are you making the healthiest choice, the easiest choice to be able to live longer better? And in doing so, are you including those people around you while you're making those decisions," said Angela Ericson, a volunteer coordinator with the Blue Zones Project. Decisions that could make you and your family live a happier and healthier 2014.
Wednesday, you can sign up and start your membership for $20.14 dollars.
The "Y" will be open until 6p.m Wednesday with all their activities.
Their exclusive New Year's deal to join the Y will last until the end of the month.
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