First Responders Keep Siouxland Safe on Christmas Day

Just like Santa, Siouxland's heroes didn't get a day off for Christmas.
Instead, they were keeping post in case any emergencies may happen.

These first responders won't make home for the holidays and that's because these heroes are just 8 minutes away from your home in case of an emergency. "I mean, we all have families but some of us just have to sacrifice a little bit more and I'm just happy that I can do that for some of them," said EMT Tony Klein, who worked Christmas day so others could be with family members. Klein started his shift early Wednesday morning at 6 a.m.
Since the start of his day, 2 emergency calls were responded to by the paramedics, all of whom had volunteered to work double shifts so that fellow EMTs could take the day off. The men and women at the Akron base leave behind family and loved ones on Christmas and instead sometimes serve 24 hour shifts.
They said it's a sacrifice that's natural to them and it keeps the community safe. "I guess it stems back to my Marine Corps career. I always took care of my Marines first and technically these are my family members, my team, my Marines, so I want to make sure they're taken care of," Klein said, when we asked why he sacrifices his own Christmas memories so co-workers can form their own. He and others also makes this sacrifice to ensure that when and if anyone calls for help, someone will be there. "You're helping somebody, you know, get better or they're hurt-- you get them better care and keep going and you truly get the best care possible," he said. And if it's up to this paramedic, he'll make the sacrifice again so that no tragedy spoils the Christmas holiday.
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