Sloan Police Department Seeks Assistance From Woodbury County

Basically the entire Sloan Police Department consists of its Chief. The department recently relieved a handful of part-time officers of their duties. And now they'll have the help of the Woodbury County Sheriff's office when the Chief is off duty. The Sloan City Council passed a 28-E agreement earlier tonight by a vote of five to zero. "Oh, it's in the best interest of the community-it saves the community money. Now, they're not paying money for the other 2-officers part-time and the liability that goes with that. They talked about contracting hours, I said, why don't we see if we're able to provide the services," said Woodbury County Sheriff, Dave Drew. For the chief, there's nothing to fear. His job isn't in any jeopardy for the time being, this is just going to make his life easier.