Snow in May? Bomgaars Gets Creative to Save Plants

(SIOUX CITY, IA) The first day of spring was weeks ago but Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind.

Wednesday, a combination of snow and rain created slushy conditions around Siouxland.
this car ran off the road while exiting I29 on a Riverside ramp. But bad road conditions were just part of the craziness.

Bomgaars had to think quick and get creative so its spring plants could live to see another day.

"Mother Nature has a tendency to play tricks on people," says Lisa Nordstrom, a Seasonal Specialist at Bomgaars.

And what a nasty trick to play.

"Enough is enough, let's get into spring," says George Tsiobanos, a Bomgaars Customer suffering Cabin Fever.

"When this type of situation occurs it really throws us kind of a wrench into the system. Basically here we were all set up with the greenhouse last weekend, beautiful weather, people were shopping, we were very busy grass seed was going out like hot cakes," says Nordstrom.

But Wednesday, winter attempted to make a comeback and Bomgaars had to think on its feet.

Because of the cold weather Bomgaars has placed lit grills inside the greenhouse so the plants don't freeze.

"We had 80 degree weather last year. I remember March 25th, it was 75 degrees and it stayed warm all year," says Tsiobanos.

"Last year we had gone through most of our season to the point even our garden seeds, we were already starting to quit selling garden seeds. We were done. The greenhouse we had sold almost half of our product by this time last year, this year we're just starting to sell out product," says Nordstrom.

And because there is such an overstock of plants and trees Bomgaars has to store them in the receiving area. Not your typical greenhouse but hey, it'll work.

"Spring fever really hit last week. In fact, our store manager called every possible person in that would be willing to work overtime for last weekends sales because we were just crazy," says Nordstrom.

Bomgaars told me that this time of year is the perfect time to plant grass seed, even with snow on the ground because the natural rain and moisture from snow is rich with nitrogen and that helps your grass grow.