Snow More! Sioux City Says No More Snow

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - Yes it's April. Yes April 22: Earth Day. And yet, more snow. Monday we had a white, wet mess here in the metro area, but it was worse in ort her portions of Siouxland. The heavy, wet stuff is like driving through a big snow cone.

If you saw snow video, you'd typically bet it's wintertime. Not this year! Unfortunate driver Charles Themm caught the worst of the storm. "It just started snowing. It was really icy. I started sliding at the top of the hill and I put it in neutral, started pumping the brakes, tried to slow down. I saw the light turn red. I started honking. A car came from that way slammed into me - caused me to fly into that guardrail there," said Themm on the corner of Jackson Street and Sixth Street. His luck got even worse - a ticket for running a red light. Did we mention it's Earth Day? "It's unbelievable. Last year this time like this time it was 80 degrees and now three-four inches of snow," said Themm.
Meanwhile the plows had yet another round of work this spring. Even if you weren't on four wheels, two couldn't be any better. "It's alright. It's a little hard to ride," said bicyclist Matthew Tacner. Now there's an understatement, but he had a reason for a decision we'd all call crazy. "I'm going home to shovel my grandma's sidewalk," said Tacner. Here's their advice: "Yeah, it's pretty rough. I would've waited for snow plows at least," said Tacner. "Just stay home if you don't have to go anywhere," said Themm.
The last time we had snow this late in the season was five years ago on April 25, 2008. The latest date in the Spring that we recorded snow was May 28.