Snow Plows Get Ready for the Chance of More Snow

(SIOUX CITY, IA) With nearly 10 inches of snow on the ground Friday, Sioux City plow operators are a welcome sight for drivers.

Mother Nature may have dumped snow overnight but those crews are thankful for the sunlight she saved for today.

Their work may not be over because more snow could be on the way.

Crews have been out for hours trying to get the streets cleared and Sioux City says it's ahead of schedule.

"Last night was a little hairy, people just aren't used to the amount of snow. So it was a little tricky but with the sun today the streets are clearing up real nice so things are going a lot quicker than expected," says Ron Isaacson, Sioux City Snow Plow Operator.

For every four inches of snow, plow operators get 72 hours to clear the streets.

Parts of Sioux City got 8-10 inches and even still within 48 hours of the snow storm the streets were almost done thanks to Mother Nature.

Crews will take to the downtown Sioux City streets in an oversized snow blower to clear away the snow that's in the middle of the road. But they may have to be out there next week, if it snows again.

"Sometimes it's a little frustrating but it's kind of expected this time of year, you know, it is winter," says Isaacson.

And with all this snow many amateur plowers want to get out and clear roads too. Just watch out for city trucks.

"The more room they can give us the better off it is because they don't know what were trying to do with our large trucks and it's easier to maneuver when we're not having to deal with the weather and the people."

Tips to remember for the next snow fall.