Soaking Up Spring

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - You can bet just about everyone here in Siouxland opened their windows on Friday. It was a breath of fresh air after dealing with a very long winter.

At Whispering Creek Golf Course golfers hit the greens to show off their golf swing after a long winter. "It was a long March. Last year, we played the whole month. So it's nice to get one round this year," said Mike Page. "Fresh air, being out, seeing some of my golf buddies you don't see until the next golf season. You're like in hibernation." For bikers, it was one of those days you had to get out and ride. "Feels really good. I've been waiting for a while to get on my bike and get rolling," said Chance Jones. Bikers were dusting off and gearing up for the season. "Nice day out. I figured I had the time, get it washed and go get it serviced," said Jones. Finally, the Courey girls who are on spring break from North High School could enjoy their spring break by playing soccer in their front yard. "It feels great! It was freezing the past few days. We've just been inside on Facebook and stuff," said Alisa Courey. "It's a lot better because all my friends are out of town and down South and I got stuck here in Sioux City," said Courey. Meanwhile at Leif Erikson Park, every seat on the swings taken. The slides, plenty used. "We had to get ready to go to the park. so I've been playing on the tire swing and stuff," said six-year-old Emily Peterson. Friday was a perfect day for a play day.