Social Media Sisters Spread Gospel Online

A group of nuns in Norfolk Nebraska are using modern technology to spread the gospel around the world... without leaving their monastery.Reaching the world from Rural Nebraska. That's what the Missionary Benedictine Sisters are doing through social media. "Proclaiming Christ to people, bringing the love of Christ to people from Nebraska, Norfolk. And for us, so for me, social Media is a perfect way of doing that," said Sister Inviolata Mukhaabi. "I like it because I can get connected with the whole world on Twitter," Sister Pia Portmann. The Norfolk sisters residing at the Immaculata Monastery can now unite with those serving overseas and minister to a worldwide audience using the World Wide Web. "We were encouraged to spread the gospel. To evangelize, to bring Christ to all the areas in our life," said Sister Marita Schweiger. Sister Pia, a native of Switzerland, spent 27 years serving the Tanzanian people, and says she likes the possibility to be far way and still... connected. "I have quite some friends on Twitter and Facebook for my life, when I can get in contact and to see what's going on there," said Sister Pia Portmann. "We can reach way more people through cyberspace, through tweeting, through, Facebook, and other social media platforms," said Sister Kevin Hermsen. Earlier this year the sisters launched a new website, where visitors can submit their prayer requests and subscribe to their daily devotion.The website also features information about their resources available at the monastery."And people are totally invited to come and join us for prayer anytime. We pray four times as a community and we have daily mass. So we invite people of all faiths to enjoy our facility and to take time out if they need it," said Sister Kevin Hermsen.The Immaculata Monastery is located on North 18th Street in Norfolk, and is the U-S headquarters for the Missionary Benedictine Sisters. Their Twitter feed is; and they're on Facebook at