Sioux City Speed Cameras Could Stop SD From Sharing Info

The state of South Dakota says it might stop sharing information with Iowa, all because of Sioux City's speed cameras.

When South Dakota cars get an automated ticket in Sioux City, the city needs information from South Dakota so it knows where to send the ticket.

If South Dakota stops sharing that information, Sioux City would have license plate numbers but wouldn't know who gets the ticket.

Right now there are two speed cameras set up on I-29 in Sioux City.

City Manager Robert Padmore says he's never heard of a state doing this kind of thing. He says it's disturbing.

"At its most basic you will not get a speed camera ticket unless you are speeding and breaking the law in Iowa," said Padmore. "So for the state of South Dakota to find some way to undermine our ability to enforce traffic laws in our state I find very disturbing."

Last month South Dakota State Senator Dan Lederman co-sponsored a bill making it illegal for collection agencies to come into South Dakota to collect money from South Dakota drivers who've gotten tickets in Sioux City.

That bill has passed the South Dakota House.