South Dakota House Looks to Make Changes to Abortion Laws

There's a new push in the legislature to ban certain types of abortions in South Dakota.

And doctors who performed them could face heavy penalties.
Siouxland News Reporter Beairshelle Edmé spoke with one key sponsor of the bills.

Two of three bills have already passed a committee and are heading to a vote in the South Dakota House.

One measure, House Bill 1240, that was stalled would have prohibited abortions on unborn children diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Read more here: bill's sponsor, State Representative Isaac Latterell (R- Tea), says the legislation is very personal to him; he has two sisters with the genetic disorder. "Having your child's life ended simply because they have Down Syndrome is a type of social engineering, we, as South Dakotans, find abhorrent and it's quite unacceptable," said Latterell.
The politician say he empathizes with women, like his mother, who may face this difficult situation.
But he believes every unborn child deserves a chance at life.
Ultimately, his bill was defeated in the House and Human Services Committee with an 8-4.
Meanwhile, two other proposals have moved to the House.
House bill 1162 would prohibit abortions performed because of the sex of the unborn child.
The other, House bill 1241, wants to stop the way some abortions are performed such as, "the dismemberment or decapitation of certain living unborn children." "... we don't want the women to be targeting in this procedure because a lot of times it isn't her preference that she go through with this and there's a lot of different factors there, so making sure that she's not treated as the criminal in the operation is very important to us," said the Congressman. Doctors who perform either of these type of abortions would pay the price.
They could face a misdemeanor, a felony, fines and even life in prison.
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