Arbor Day Teaches South Sioux Students Importance of Trees

This Arbor Day, South Sioux City got a little bit greener. 4th Grade students from South Sioux's Harney Elementary came to the soccer field complex to help plant half a dozen new trees at the facility. This week students have been learning how trees function and why they are so important to our ecosystem. Representatives from Nebraska Public Power District and the Nebraska Forestry Service were on hand to talk with the students and help them plant their trees properly.NPPD Distribution Superintendent Doug Klug said "It's an opportunity also to educate the kids on safety, awareness of locating a tree properly, away from the power lines, you know, before they plant. All we do is ask them to look up, take a look before we plant them. If they plant it in the right spot first, then we don't have to worry about it later. So, that's what we're kind of trying to do, is educate the public and the kids are a great place to start." Arbor Day was first started in the mid-1800's in Nebraska by J. Sterling Morton and has since grown to a worldwide celebration.