Squirrel Cause of Thursday Morning Power Outage

Nearly 800 people in Leeds were without power early this morning.

It was "lights out" around 7:30 this morning for homes on Jefferson, Cleveland, 46th, and Division streets.

Mid-American Energy was able to get power restored around 8:45 am.

It's believed a squirrel caused the outage.

Mid-American Energy says the best thing you can do is report an outage immediately. That's why power was restored so quickly.

"The people that call in and tell us where the outages are occurring help us pin-point the area where the outage is being affected. We immediately dispatch one of our crew members and depending on the size of the outage it might be a few crew members and we have them try and switch customers back on and then find the cause of the outage as quickly and efficiently and as safely as possible," said MidAmerican Energy Spokeswoman Abby Bottenfield.

If you experience a power outage... you can call the MidAmerican Energy toll free to report it. That number is 1-800-799-4443.