Cannabis Oil Approved for Epilepsy Treatment

The House approved a measure that legalized the use of cannabis oil to treat chronic epilepsy. This measure was approved just after 3:30 AM. The House sent the State Senate a version that contained a few more restrictions than an earlier version that the senate previously approve. The Senate passed the bill, sending it to Governor Branstad's desk. The mayor of West Des Moines, Steve Gaer, was there all night in support of the bill. His daughter suffers from a rare form of epilepsy and Gaer believes the oil could help ease her seizures. Gaer, said " I get choked a bit because you want the best for your kids and when you've tried everything and you think this may be the best, the only solution left, you know, it's pretty humbling to think that maybe you've found something that might help your children" Now in order to obtain the cannabis oil patients will need a written recommendation from a neurologist, and a registration card from the Department of Public Health. Governor Terry Branstad said "this is an important policy issue. We don't want to have unintended consequences. We certainly don't want people getting something that's gonna be marijuana,but as I understand, this is not. It is a derivative from the cannabis plant, and I'm certainly empathetic to the families who have children who are suffering from epilepsy and think this might be able to be some help." Governor Branstad has 30 days from the end of the legislative session to sign the bill into law.