Students Cleanup Farms in Rural Moville, Iowa, After Tornado

(RURAL MOVILLE, IA) It's a lesson in life and public service. Students from Woodbury Central are pitching in to help their community cleanup following last Friday's devastating tornadoes.

More than 200 Students rolled up their jeans, put their boots on and got to work - cleaning up debris ripped from houses and barn sheds during Friday's tornado.

"Twice a year we do a community service project and so the kids thought this would be a great idea. We usually do it in December and they just said you know lets go out and do this instead, let's focus our efforts on helping our community," said Doug Glackin, Superintendent for Woodbury Central.

And the help is much needed. Shelly Sadler and her husband lost their home.

"My laundry is everywhere, my friends, thank God for friends. They've been doing laundry and picking stuff up and my brothers have all been here. My brother drove overnight from Texas my other brother lives here. You just thank god for friends and family," said Shelly Sadler.

Shelly and her husband we're babysitting some kids when the storm hit. Shelly says they took cover under the stairs in the basement and when they came out, half of their house had been ripped off and thrown into the field.

"You find pictures or she had a lot of antiques and stuff that she wanted us to pick up for her. She was tearing up when she was telling us this, just to tell us what to pick up. You pick up the personal things up and put them in your pockets," said Tiffany Nelson, a senior at Woodbury Central.

Quite possibly the most difficult thing about this volunteer work is getting through all this corn. The wind for the tornadoes flattened these corn fields making it almost impossible to walk through. Some of the farmers are afraid they're not even going to be able to harvest these fields this year.

The Saddler's first plan is to get the barns rebuilt and their livelihood back on track. Then they plan on rebuilding the house right where it sits now.

"This is where my kids grow up, and Emmy and Max are going to come to grandmas house and this is where it's going to be," said Sadler.

The part of the house that was still standing was built in 1868. Shelly believes that structure was the one that protected them the most.

The students at Woodbury Central will be collecting any personal items they find in a bucket.
Shelly will go through to find her things but if you live nearby and think your stuff could be in that pile the school will have the bucket if you want to come by and look through it for your items.