Sunnybrook Medical Plaza Open: First of its Kind in Sioux City

(SIOUX CITY, IA) It's the first of its kind here in Sioux City. An outpatient medical center that carries primary and specialty doctors together in one building.

The building is 86 thousand square feet and houses physicians that practice in cardiology, diabetes, and infusion services. There's an urgent care unit and even a pharmacist on hand to help doctors measure out appropriate prescriptions for patients.

It only took 14 months and a little less than $26 million to get this medical plaza off the ground.

"We're very excited to have it open. It's a lot of work to get something like this together. A lot of work from department managers, directors and physicians have lent a lot of insight as to how to design the building," said Chad Markham, the Vice President for UnityPoint Health Clinics and Network Development.

One of the goals is to decrease unnecessary Emergency Room visits and get people to go to Urgent care instead.

Some of those issues include minor burns or skin infections, allergy complaints, upper respiratory problems like sore throats, ear aches and sinus symptoms, and bug bites.

"I was seeing a patient before our doors opened at 10 o'clock for urgent care. Someone who really needed urgent care. And it was too early for him to get in and see one of his other providers so we we're able to, instead of having him have a charge through the emergency department he came to the urgent care,"said Dr. James Webb, A Family Practice Physician at Sunnybrook Medical Plaza.

Dr. Webb says the medical team in urgent care will follow up with that patient's primary care doctor. If the patient doesn't have one, the medical Plaza allows for a seamless transition into getting one.

Let's say you come in with a twisted ankle and the primary doctor decides that you need surgery. The surgeon is under the same roof and can evaluate the situation immediately.

The center has extra space too - room for expansion and it's got a state of the art imaging center capable of taking all types of scans including MRI, CT, ultrasounds and mammograms.

The plaza is officially open however, the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Services is still under construction.

The plaza's website offers a comprehensive list of what types of things justify an urgent care visit, and what justifies an E. R. visit and it's got the urgent care wait times listed.

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