Super Proposal: Soldier Pops the Big Question.

For one couple, Sunday's Super Bowl was more than just about football.
It was about their future.
It was the first half of the Super Bowl and while Sarah Campagnolo was cheering on the Broncos, Sean Jackson was nervously waiting for one of the biggest moments of his life.

When the 2nd quarter ended the pressure wasn't just on Peyton Manning, who left the field scrambling for a comeback. The pressure was also building for this soldier who was about to pop the question, live during a commercial break before the halftime show . He asked and she said yes.
Campagnolo still can't believe she's a bride-to-be. "I'm just shocked. I think that's how I'll always remember it, just shocked. Having no idea, just sitting on my couch with my son," she said. The couple first met while Sean was based in Fort Hood where Sarah's brother also was stationed.
The soldier's deployment soon separated the couple, but he says he always knew the two were meant to be. "Kind of talked on the phone a lot after that. Developed feelings and asked her out. Asked her if she'd wait for me and the rest is history. We've been together ever since," said Jackson. And over time, Sarah's learned to trust her gut when it comes to Sean, so she knew he was up to something. "I knew when he was lying to me about stuff. He would say 'oh I have to go do this' like no you don't. What are you doing?" she said laughing.
Interrupting, the groom-to-be quickly brings the group back to the moment and said, "I think the most memorable part for me would be trying to convince her that we needed to have a Super Bowl get together." And now the happy fiancé says she wouldn't have celebrated the super bowl any other way.
As part of the "Super Proposal" prize, the couple received the engagement ring, valued at nearly $6,000 dollars from the Diamond Center.
They'll also receive 10 tuxedo rentals from Tip Top Tux, plus more than one thousand dollars towards a wedding dress from Alan Evans Bridal.
Congratulations to the happy couple!
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