Supervisors Consider Upgrades to Woodbury Co. Jail

The Woodbury County Jail is in need of another round of upgrades. But can the county afford them?

The jail was built in 1987 and has had numerous updates throughout the years.

County Supervisor Mark Monson says the county has been talking about improving security within the jail for years. He says there's a need for more cameras, 14 new doors and locks, and a new control system, but the county only has a $1.2 million budget for the project.

"We have old door locks, and if they're not working the parts may be hard to come by and I believe we're putting in new locks in as many doors as we can which will be electronically controlled so until you really get in there and find out what's going on with the existing 25-30 year old structure, we don't know what the unknowns are," Monson said. "They could be pricey, they could put the cameras way out off the table."

The Board of Supervisors has given the architect in charge the go-ahead to develop a proposal that will lead to bids being taken on the project.